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Who is AlertEnterprise

AlertEnterprise uniquely eliminates silos and uncovers blended threats across IT Security, Physical Access Controls and Industrial Control Systems for true prevention of insider threat, fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism. AlertEnterprise delivers Enterprise IAM, industry-specific Operational Compliance Management, as well as Situational Awareness with continuous monitoring and incident management for effective response to critical threats and protection of critical infrastructure for various sectors including pharmaceutical/healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, airports, federal agencies, and many other industries.

Physical Identity and Access Management

Corporate Badging

AlertEnterprise provides a solution to effectively manage Physical Badging processes to provide a common access/platform for identity management. Our Physical IAM solution can integrate with your existing PACS so there is no need to replace existing hardware. In addition, our solution provides capability to integrate with multiple Access Control Systems from different vendors.

Airport & Federal Badging

Airports and Federation Agencies are entangled with manual processes today. These processes depend on applications that run in siloes to provide security. Manual operations tend to be error prone processes and allow lapses in security. AlertEnterprise provides a unique solution for Airports and Federal agencies to provide identity credentialing and automated badging processes for onboarding, change of access and termination.

Visitor Management

AlertEnterprise provides a self-contained Visitor Management system that provides integration with third party applications for a holistic approach to managing access and credentials of visitors. Our solution provides a simple and customizable way to register visitors and issues badges and track their access.

Learn about Visitor Express Corporate Class Visitor Management in the Cloud
AlertEnterprise Wins 2016 SIA New Product Award for Convergence and Integrated Software and Solutions

Innovative solutions that enable integration between traditional security systems, building management systems, and IT environments, as well as products that support the features and benefits of multiple technologies into a single solution. This includes integration of a physical access control system with logical access control maintained by an IT system. Products may incorporate intrusion detection, access control, video monitoring and life safety functions within a single system. Read More ›

2016 Security Products Government Security Award for Convergence and Integrated Software and Solutions Awarded to AlertEnterprise

Security Products magazine, the only integrated product and technology magazine reaching the entire security market, and, the preeminent editorial website for the security industry, announced the 2016 Govies Government Security Award winners at ISC West 2106.

An independent panel of judges from the security industry selected the top entries in the 2016 categories and named them winners using criteria including Features, Innovation, User Friendliness, Interoperability, Quality, Design, Market Opportunity, and Impact in the Security Industry, Technical Advances, and Scalability.

Read More ›
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Convergence For Dummies, AlertEnterprise Special Edition, explains the basic concepts of security convergence and shows how you can use it to enhance your organization’s critical infrastructure security posture. Get It Here ›

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