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Will You Send Your Best Employees Home – During a Pandemic?

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Sometimes the risks of Pandemic means protecting the integrity of operations for the rest of your staff. You may want employees who have high exposure risk to continue to remain live on Active Directory, on ERP systems and of course able to login from home or other secure locations.

During these trying times physical access control policies may have to be restricted in light of unfolding events. Having a risk management process to review occupational risk and correlating it to access to critical systems will allow better decisions to be made to mitigate the risks and create remediation tasks. read more

Just returned from the ISA Symposium on Control System Security and Safety

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Bryan Singer of Kenexis is the chairman of the ANSI / ISA Standard 99 for security of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. Bryan and others led a symposium in held in Houston on April 22/23rd largely attended by oil and gas and chemical industry members. ISA is the International Society for Automation and the membership is largely control system engineers.

There was a lively discussion about the synnergies between safety systems and security. A discussion about four Safety Assurance Levels or SALs helped us understand the positioning that ISA 99 is taking on defining the levels of security requirements for industrial control systems based on the criticality of the systems with simple but effective level 1-4. Level 4 is the most extreme usually reserved for Nuclear plant systems and the like. read more

ISA Safety and Security Symposium taking place in Houston

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I am attending the ISA Safety and Security Symposium. Control System Security is definitely a hot topic. Following 9/11, all eyes were on critical infrastructure security. We have to secure our power generation, power transmission and distribution and our manufacturing infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure can include:
1. Telecommunications
2. Electric Power generation and distribution
3. Water and Waste Water treatment and distribution
4. Oil and Gas
5. Chemical Process Manufacturing
6. Mass Transportation etc.,
7. Food processing and distribution
8. Pharamaceuticals read more

AlertEnterprise wins RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox – Most Innovative Company

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 20, 2009 – AlertEnterprise™ a pioneer in the area of security convergence for physical and logical security, won the hotly contested RSA® Conference 2009 Innovation Sandbox and secured the top spot as Most Innovative Company at the RSA Conference 2009 being held in San Francisco. Nine other startup security companies presented to a panel of judges made up of security industry experts selected by the conference.
AlertEnterprise is bridging the single most overlooked gap in enterprise security – the true prevention and detection of cross-enterprise threats by linking physical access and IT security to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. AlertEnterprise delivers unprecedented capabilities to visualize previously undetectable threats and assists managers in remediating security risk across the enterprise.
The RSA Innovation Sandbox started out with fifty contestants being evaluated by an online community. The top 10 finalists got to demonstrate their products in an open forum and then make a three minute pitch to the judges in order, describing the business value, the problem they were solving and articulating the impact they would make in the market. AlertEnterprise led on all counts. read more

AlertEnterprise named to Top 10 Most Innovative at RSA 2009 Conference

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Most industry security experts are generally aware that physical access security, IT security, and critical infrastructure security, all reside in silos. This is a huge challenge for timely detection of terrorist events, malicious behavior and fraudulent activity. Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise takes this mission to heart. His previous startup Virsa Systems was one of the most successful acquisitions by SAP to date and has became the heart of the SAP GRC offering delivering application level security. “The most insidious risks are simple acts that slip between physical and logical security systems. They may not individually trigger an alert in any one system. But, in combination they create a risk that may defy detection unless your physical and logical security systems talk to each other,” says Jasvir. read more