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Additional Capabilities

Cloud Solutions

AlertEnterprise provides various solutions which are “cloud ready” to help organizations move faster than ever before! Our cloud enabled solutions include Identity & Access Management for Physical and Logical Identities, Identity Analytics (Risk Score), Recertification Process, Airport Guardian, Guardian Express, Sentry Express, Compliance Express and Compliance for IT, Physical and OT Systems. In addition, our ‘Smart Agents’ help provide a home to analog and legacy systems by extracting the data and putting analytics on top for top management and executives to consume easily.

Our cloud solutions can be deployed with ease giving customers the ability to secure many of their Enterprise functions.
AlertEnterprise Additional capabilities - Cloud Solutions


  • Enhanced security for data protection
  • Added benefit for Management and Executives
  • Built in reports and dashboards
  • Data reconciliation and offline support


  • Cost effective solution for quick deployment
  • Monitor key processes remotely while on the go
  • Continuous access to reports and dashboards