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Since the dawn of the Financial Services industry, security has always been an issue. The approach of creating walls between departments to deliver security by obscurity worked only marginally in the old days. In today’s hyper connected world it is imperative to link together all aspects of security to close those security gaps.

Security experts are realizing that they have spent the last decade upgrading systems and making investments in cybersecurity. However, it is equally important to protect and monitor physical access to the facilities and critical areas that house the people and the information systems for these institutions.

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Account numbers, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Application Information, access codes and other banking information reside on servers in enterprise facilities or in datacenters. Who has physical access to these critical assets is an important question to answer Auditors want to know and regulators want companies to have that information readily available, or face fines. The ability to manage and monitor both physical and logical identities in a common platform reduces operational cost while enhancing the overall security.

Enterprise Guardian software from AlertEnterprise® delivers a unified solution to manage identity lifecycles for employees, contractors, vendors and visitors. Guardian Predict™ delivers the added dimension of Predictive Risk Analytics and Insider Threat Protection.

To address insider threat, AlertEnterprise conducts background certification checks and conducts risk analysis prior to enabling access to critical areas, assets, devices and applications needed for operations. Additionally AlertEnterprise ensures that terminated employees no longer have physical or logical access to system, facilities and assets. Companies that are trying to do this today have procedures that are manual, time consuming, costly and cannot scale.

Solution Capabilities

  • Integrate all major physical access control systems with HR and IT related identity management.
  • Deliver automated identity-based security policies uniformly at all locations to determine amount of access particular job roles are entitled to.
  • Enforce access certification policies automatically for job changes or terminations.
  • Maintain and report on critical compliance requirements such as GLBA, FFIEC, Dodd-Franks and ISF regulations.
  • Monitor and report on badge usage, access history and anomalies to uncover Insider Threat.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduce cost, enhance security through elimination of duplicate functions
  • Leverage existing security systems and applications
  • Enhance Physical Security Operations by unifying processes across Access Control Systems
  • Reduce risk by enforcing compliance requirements via active policy enforcement