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Intelligent PSIM

Enterprise Sentry™ – Intelligent PSIM application integrates seamlessly with multiple camera systems, and video management systems and presents physical security information in a unified manner. Consolidated visual, cyber, human and asset intelligence deliver unmatched abilities to correlate threats and deliver smart rules-based decision support for the Security Operations Center (SOC) to prevent incidents and mitigate the impact. AlertEnterprise provides a solution that succesfully identifies and helps remediate threats in real time.

Incident Management and Response

With the widespread deployments of video surveillance and other sensor systems, detecting, identifying and responding to incidents in a timely manner is a huge challenge. Having a system in place that can eliminate false alarms, speed up response times and deliver guided response to incident handlers and responders can help mitigate serious adverse impact to the enterprise.

Sentry iPSIM delivers unique Incident Management and Response capabilities like no other vendor.

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Insider Threat

AlertEnterprise has developed a unique Insider Threat software solution that links Identity Management, Enterprise Applications, and Network Security etc. with Physical Access Control Systems, Badging, Video Surveillance and Operational Systems like SCADA. AlertEnterprise creates and maintains a risk score, much like a credit score, for each employee, contractor and visitor and automates their background checks, criminal history record, linkage to authoritative Federal identity sources so that no relevant information is missed when vetting individuals for access to privileged information.

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