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Combatting Insider Threat through Security Convergence Technology

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=&0=&  Combatting Insider Threat through Security Convergence Technology Insider Threat is a vulnerability that has become easy to exploit when much of the focus at airports is to counter external threat. Terrorists and other perpetrators recognize this major loophole to security and are relentlessly pushing the limits of security breaches at airports.

To effectively respond to insider threat at airports requires predictive risk analytics and utilization of cutting-edge security convergence technology. SAP partner, AlertEnterprise uniquely analyzes risks across IT Security, Physical Security and Operational Systems like SCADA etc. to safeguard critical assets. Utilizing SAP HANA to deliver the compute power and the ability rationalize large data sets from diverse information sources allows AlertEnterprise to process information from a myriad of identity databases like The Transportation Systems Clearinghouse, No-Fly Lists and HR systems for airports. read more