IAM: Providing Access to the Right People

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“Role” can be defined as a technical phrase being used for the collection of individual privileges (access to company assets) which are assigned to an individual to perform his job. AlertEnterprise delivers a unique solution for Role Management across various external systems including physical & logical.


Eg. When any person joins the organization, apart from creating/managing his digital identity, it is equally important to provide access to the devices (physical/logical) where he is supposed to work. Both of these things are well managed by the Role Module incorporated into the AlertEnterprise application.

A combined package called ‘Role’ consisting of various resources are assigned to the user. Resources can be physical including the PACS or logical-AD etc. So now the user has access to various physical and logical resources as part of the role only. Therefore, instead of separately calling these entities talking about the user’s access, we can now say that the end user automatically gains access to all the entities comprised in the role.

Roles provisioning can also be restricted based on various rules which are configured wherein the Rule Engine evaluates the conditions applied and selectively assigns the roles. Nevertheless, roles don’t get removed directly if associated with some users. To achieve the removal, its all about the raising a request where it has to be approved by various role owners by subsequently following a predetermined workflow.

Identity & Access management is much needed due to the consistent increase in identity thefts being practiced by various nefarious hackers around the globe who sneak in to get the critical digital information of an enterprise/organization. So the primary goal of identity management, is to improve company-wide productivity and security. Role management is integral to managing access to physical and logical systems.

IAM: Providing the right people with the right access at the right time!