AlertEnterprise Announces 2014 User Group Meeting

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IT-OT Security Convergence Gains Center Stage to Deliver Critical Infrastructure Protection: April 30 – May 2, 2014.

AlertEnterprise customers are arriving to the Bay Area to see why we all love living in the Bay Area. Silicon Valley based AlertEnterprise is hosting the 2014 AEUG – AlertEnterprise User Group Meeting April 30th – May 2nd..


Determined attackers have a more holistic view of security. They attack the enterprise. They understand that security silos represent vulnerability. Segregation means each silo is real-time blind to breaches in the others. Communications gaps between silos mean time delays. Time delays mean opportunities for attackers. The failure to integrate physical security with IT security and operational technology – regardless of budget – is the moral equivalent of aiding and abetting thieves and saboteurs.

Government, institutional and corporate organizations spent upwards of $204 Billion on all kinds of security. Yet they face an unprecedented surge in security incidents.

Something is not quite right.

Consider this authentic scenario. An operator is monitoring a remote facility, perhaps a power substation. A system alert signals that two devices are exceeding safe operating parameters. This is anomalous. The operator notifies engineering for an assessment of the problem. Engineering detects an unauthorized change in system configuration and contacts IT security to check system access logs. Physical security personnel detect an unscheduled entry with an authorized pass card and try to reach the employee’s supervisor for approval. To complicate matters they cannot access the HR system which would reveal the employee is supposed to be on vacation.

A related question is: what are the economic, health and safety costs of delayed action in preventing or mitigating the effects of a power outage whether due to equipment failure, sabotage or error? The irrefutable answer is obvious: more than the cost of a security system that combines multiple signals from IT security systems, operational technology systems and physical security systems with cross-enterprise data to give operators the contextual information necessary to act decisively and prevent or mitigate the outage.

Convergence of physical and logical systems is necessary for comprehensive security and fail-safe incident management. Real-time risk analysis that combines continuous monitoring and geospatial and environmental data with rule-based threat detection and real-time remedial action scripts can deliver contextual understanding and fast, informed action – regardless of the size of the data sets.

AlertEnterprise technology to accomplish real-time, cross-enterprise security convergence is in operation in mission critical circumstances today. AlertEnterprise delivers an integrated security convergence platform that can analyze and correlate data across thousands of events and hundreds of locations to expose risks and deliver more informed and actionable situational intelligence in real-time, every minute of every day. This eliminates both the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of managing security and risk across silos. It enables fast and informed responses to IT, physical and operational threats, thereby reducing cost and liability while increasing safety and reliability.

We are looking forward to the open discussions about life in the trenches as AlertEnterprise customers share their success stories and best practices for protecting the Nation’s critical infrastructure.