Combatting Insider Threat through Security Convergence Technology

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Combatting Insider Threat through Security Convergence Technology
Insider Threat is a vulnerability that has become easy to exploit when much of the focus at airports is to counter external threat. Terrorists and other perpetrators recognize this major loophole to security and are relentlessly pushing the limits of security breaches at airports.

To effectively respond to insider threat at airports requires predictive risk analytics and utilization of cutting-edge security convergence technology. SAP partner, AlertEnterprise uniquely analyzes risks across IT Security, Physical Security and Operational Systems like SCADA etc. to safeguard critical assets. Utilizing SAP HANA to deliver the compute power and the ability rationalize large data sets from diverse information sources allows AlertEnterprise to process information from a myriad of identity databases like The Transportation Systems Clearinghouse, No-Fly Lists and HR systems for airports.
Insider threat comes in many shapes and forms at airports, but the perpetrator is often the same: an intelligent airport employee. In a malevolent attack, this employee will mislead an employer into thinking the employee can be trusted, sometimes with control over an entire physical security system. In an unintentional attack, it is an employee who threatens the critical infrastructure of an organization often via human error or recklessness. Much of the focus at airports (commercial and non-commercial) is to counter external threat. Unbeknownst to many, insider threat poses greater damage to our critical infrastructure, including to our physical, logical and security systems. Insiders have privileged access to airport processes and procedures, access to secured areas, and the inside scoop on an airport’s vulnerabilities.
Airports have continued to expend millions of dollars to employ greater security measures, including tighter security checkpoints, facial recognition software, full-body scanners, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, alarms, closed circuit monitors/video surveillance and an increase in security personnel. While these measures provide additional layers of security, they only address external physical threats, with little protection against threats that arise from within the airport organization. Effective airport security requires a multi-faceted approach to address a myriad of threats, both external and internal.  It is helpful to explore these facets that comprise the spectrum of true security at airports.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have collectively invested a great deal of time, effort and energy in laying the foundation for security of Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources (CI&KR) to ensure the safety and security of our nation, including our airports. While efforts to secure our nation and its airports have been successful, the ever-evolving and changing landscape of threat and the persistence of ill-willed threat tactics have required airports to incorporate innovative and unique security measures.
Insider threat is a crucial aspect of security that requires a heightened, innovative approach. While Airports have made great strides to secure the ‘front door’ at airports through increased passenger screenings and related efforts, the greatest threat to airports remains unaddressed. The ever-increasing number of incidents at airports combined with documented studies reinforces this statement. Recent studies and information obtained by DHS, the FBI and other agencies, indicates that insiders are not only utilized by terrorists to gain access to sensitive information and targets, but insider themselves are carrying out their own chain of devastation to critical airport infrastructure.
AlertEnterprise leverages SAP HANA to deliver the fastest identification and response to threats preventing the dangers from blended threats that would otherwise go un-noticed.
Pan Kamal
Vice President, Marketing

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