Just returned from the ISA Symposium on Control System Security and Safety

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Bryan Singer of Kenexis is the chairman of the ANSI / ISA Standard 99 for security of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. Bryan and others led a symposium in held in Houston on April 22/23rd largely attended by oil and gas and chemical industry members. ISA is the International Society for Automation and the membership is largely control system engineers.

There was a lively discussion about the synnergies between safety systems and security. A discussion about four Safety Assurance Levels or SALs helped us understand the positioning that ISA 99 is taking on defining the levels of security requirements for industrial control systems based on the criticality of the systems with simple but effective level 1-4. Level 4 is the most extreme usually reserved for Nuclear plant systems and the like.

I am glad to see that so much attention is being given to cyber security. There was also discussion about physical and logical security. This of course peaked my attention since that is my area of interest. If you want to learn more send me an email at pan.kamal@alertenterprise.com.