PIAM vs. PACS, What Kind of Physical Access Security Software Do You Need?

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So you know you want security software to protect your people and your physical assets, but aren’t sure of what you need?

Trying to decide if you need a Physical Identity & Access Management; (PIAM) and Physical Access Controls Systems (PACS)? How do you decide what kind of Physical Access Security System you need? Or do you need both?

Feel free to use the chart below to help you figure it out.



PIAM vs. PACS : What Do You Need?
Do you want to secure your site physically only? N Y PIAM solutions provision a user by analyzing a risk across all IT applications, physical systems, control systems & the network.
Do you need a powerful compliance check before allowing access to new employees in your Organization? Y N PIAM is a powerful compliant user provisioning and access management solution which provides rules‐driven and policy‐compliant user access management and provisioning across the enterprise.
Do you want your several HRMS & Visitor Management System to be centrally connected? Y N A PIAM Solution offers integration to dozens of HRMS & Visitor Management Systems. Even the system supports multiple versions of each.
Do you want to integrate with different access panel & end devices in the field? N Y PACS is having edge that it can connect to various access control hardware & end devices viz readers, biometrics devices in the field provided they are in compliance with standard protocols. On the other hand, PIAM deals either directly or via APIs with numerous PACS host systems.
Do you need Effective and Reasonable Identity & Access Solution Characteristics? Y N In PIAM, Identity verification, like any other control, is much stronger. For example, risk of account ID and password access is mitigated by strong enforcement of separation of duties, least privilege, and need-to-know. Based on this access level assignment done to a user.
Role & Rules-Based Access Control Y Y In PIAM, role is defined first & then rule is applied & finally access given to user for both physical & logical access. Timely review of all three factors take place in system & based on results, access right are altered.
Edge of Information Security Y N PIAM provides controlled access to information by partners, employees, and customers, thus leading to increased productivity, satisfaction, and revenue.
Do you need to manage Identity’s life cycle? Y N PIAM manages on‐boarding, off‐boarding, and position change processes for all employees, and enforce user access policies based on completion of certifications and training.
Extensively Integrated with Disparate Badging Systems Y N PACS have badging provisioning capabilities limited to its own system. On the other hand, PIAM has limitless capabilities in badge provisioning with the underlying PACS system(s) as per organization’s enrollment compliance.
Password Management of Underlying systems Y N PIAM uses two general approaches to minimize the burden on users to remember passwords: password synchronization and SSO.Self-service applications allow users to self-register and reset passwords with assistance from Help desks or systems administrators, reducing Help desk calls anywhere from 25 to 60%.
Automated Process Y Y Unlike PACS, In PIAM workflow allows administrators to specify a sequence of events to add users based on the users’ roles and the approval of others in the organization. The automated process ensures consistency and allows auditing of each step in the provisioning process.
Terminology: PIAM- Physical Identity & Access Management; PACS- Physical Access Controls Systems

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