Security Software That Stops Threats Across IT, OT and Physical Assets

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“Attacks and disasters don’t happen in technology silos, they happen across IT, OT, and Physical Assets.”
—Jasvir Gill
Founder and CEO, Alert Enterprise!
Former Founder and CEO of Virsa Systems (Acquired by SAP)


 AlertEnterprise is utilized by energy, oil and gas, airports, federal, chemical, enterprise  customers and more. We are recognized by top industry analysts as a technology innovator because our software uniquely detects, mitigates, and in many cases stops threats and disasters across IT, OT, and Physical Assets.

Major energy companies like Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil told us at the API Cyber Security Summit, that they need more visibility and the ability to stop the kinds of complex threats that oil companies are facing today.

Gill said, “Our customers told us they needed better protection for their people and infrastructure. They told us if they lost a couple of million dollars, it wouldn’t keep them up at night, but if their plants and other physical assets were attacked, that would be a real catastrophe. That’s why we developed AlertEnterprise software.”

  • AlertEnterprise recently won the GRC 2020 Value Award for Security Convergence and IAM. GRC 20/20 published a case study of a large enterprise customer saving upwards of $1 million per year following the deployment of the AlertEnterprise software solution.
  • In the event of an actual attack or disaster, AlertEnterprise will save your company millions if not billions of dollars, along with human lives, critical infrastructure, and your company’s reputation.
  • A Few of Our Customers in the Energy Sector: CPS Energy, Next-Era Energy, Duke Energy, Exelon, ITC, NIPSCO, PNM Resources, and ERCOT.
  • A Few of our Awards: Gartner Cool Vendor, RSA Security Innovator First Place, 3 Homeland Security Awards, 3 Security Products Govies, SAP Pinnacle Award, ASIS Accolades, IET Innovator, GRC2020 Technology Innovator and Value Awards.

How Do We Do It?

Enterprise Guardian-as part of the onboarding process, we provide visibility to background checks, PRA, certifications, LMS, GRC, etc. to assure that regulatory and corporate policies have been met. At the time of termination, employees are automatically removed from physical and logical access. EG can enforce mandatory 90-day cooling off periods from critical areas after changes in employment status.

Enterprise Sentry-detects anomalies in usage across IT, OT, and Physical Assets, correlates events, alerts you to a threat, and lets you get a better look via cameras through intelligent PSIM. It can be preconfigured to take action to eradicate threats, in example, shutting down a valve via SCADA/ICS and alert your Head of Security, authorities and first responders like police and firefighters.

Compliance Validator-enforces compliance to safety and security regulations, makes audits a breeze with automatic reports, and helps prevent disasters due to human error and equipment failure.

If you want to know more about how AlertEnterprise can save your company money while preventing disasters, email us at or call Dontae at 510-824-6612 or our main number at 510-440-0804.