Will You Send Your Best Employees Home – During a Pandemic?

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Sometimes the risks of Pandemic means protecting the integrity of operations for the rest of your staff. You may want employees who have high exposure risk to continue to remain live on Active Directory, on ERP systems and of course able to login from home or other secure locations.

During these trying times physical access control policies may have to be restricted in light of unfolding events. Having a risk management process to review occupational risk and correlating it to access to critical systems will allow better decisions to be made to mitigate the risks and create remediation tasks.

Occupational Risk Pyramid for Pandemic Influenza (source: OSHA 3327-02N 2007)

Very High Exposure Risk:
Healthcare employees (for example, doctors, nurses, dentists) performing aerosol-generating procedures on known or suspected pandemic patients (for example, cough induction procedures, bronchoscopies, some dental procedures, or invasive specimen collection). Healthcare or laboratory personnel collecting or handling specimens from known or suspected pandemic patients (for example, manipulating cultures from known or suspected pandemic influenza patients).

High Exposure Risk:
Healthcare delivery and support staff exposed to known or suspected pandemic patients (for example, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff that must enter patients’ rooms).
Medical transport of known or suspected pandemic patients in enclosed vehicles (for example, emergency medical technicians). Performing autopsies on known or suspected pandemic patients (for example, morgue and mortuary employees).

Medium Exposure Risk:
Employees with high-frequency contact with the general population (such as schools, high population density work environments, and some high volume retail).

Lower Exposure Risk (Caution):
Employees who have minimal occupational contact with the general public and other coworkers (for example, office employees).

Correlating key employee exposure risk to IT system risk and to physical access risk can deliver a much better way to secure the enterprise against the threats posed by pandemics. Think about this when considering staffing for critical infrastructure, datacenters and a lot of critical services that we rely on functioning even in the face of widespread disruption.
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