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Unlock All or Lock All User Accounts in IDM

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How to Enable and Disable User Accounts for Duration to Achieve Better Security

Let us assume there is an employee who has access to critical systems and applications,  but now he is going on leave for 10 days.

lock_unlock_user_accounts_for duration

For all ten days all the user accounts and access levels are enabled for this employee, so there is a chance of risk of unathorized access. Anyone can misuse these access rights / levels as the employee is on leave.

The IDM provides a solution which will automatically disables / locks / scrambles the password for these ten days and the application will automatically Enable / Unlock all the accounts once employee returns from Leave. read more

Identity Management Across IT and OT

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Identity management is managing the identities or controlling the user access based on the identities created with access level. The Access level can be a Group in PACS, Roles IT Systems or any application. This application may be an Enterprise level application and cloud-based service Application. Identity life cycle management and data can be discussed at Several levels but in this article we focused on the identity in user management perspective across IT/OT systems.


Managing Applications which grow in size (Numbers of people and applications) are tedious whether it’s in the cloud or enterprise/legacy applications in terms of Userid Management. In common terms identity management refers to managing of the life cycle of an account or Userid. read more