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Are your security measures working? Do you really know who has access to patient records?

Delivering quality healthcare is a combined effort requiring close cooperation between provider networks, hospitals, medical specialties as well as lab and testing services. Add to this the dimension of prescription management, pharmaceutical supply chain and retail pharmacy. The claims and delivery management systems for health insurance carriers, HMOs and PMOs all need access to medical records. Patient information has to flow seamlessly across all the delivery organizations and the health insurers. Regulations like HIPAA and industry best practice frameworks like HITRUST require that primary healthcare providers not only vigorously protect patient’s privacy, but also take responsibility for enforcing the same standards of security due diligence for their partner providers. New provisions allow for potential fines for privacy violations to range from $25,000 to $1.5 Million per occurrence.

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  • Hundreds of access points, thousands of employees, scores of service provider organizations make up the extended healthcare enterprise.
  • Determining risk to this extended enterprise involves managing roles and critical access for each of those roles.
  • One needs to view the risk from physical access controls as well.
  • The existing practice of testing controls for information security standards and regulations, then mitigating the gaps doesn’t quite cut it here.
  • Just identifying the risks is not enough. Organizations need to make sure that immediate steps are being taken to remediate risks.


  • Real-time validation of certification and credentials during access provisioning
  • Manage de-provisioning process and cross-linkage of access termination from multiple systems – physical, logical and operational.
  • Identify compliance gaps in real-time and suggest remedial actions to remain in compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST SP800-xx, PCI and ISO-2700x standards.
  • Identification of risks based on validating employee and contractor access to critical applications and healthcare facilities
  • Enforcement of security policies and procedures across vendor – partner ecosystem following HITRUST provisions
  • Visual risk and remediation modeling with ability to display key assets on geo-spatial maps with drill down detail on event and asset criticality. Ability to integrate physical security alerts and surveillance video.

Solution Benefits

  • Delivers most comprehensive view of risk combining logical and physical security
  • Improve security - recognize previously undetectable events by analyzing blended threats
  • Reduces cost of compliance by eliminating silos and duplicate spending
  • Verifiable compliance with regulations, standards and best practice frameworks – eliminate fines
  • Incident response and management including enforcement of restricted zones
  • Previously undetectable events can be displayed as system alerts with location based context
  • Segregation of access, screening and testing following medical emergencies or pandemic outbreaks